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"Do you know," he says, "that if you have been lying dead for a long time in your house, your pet dog would sit beside you and let itself starve to death, but, if you had a cat, it would eat you? You can't trust cats."--Darcy Tucker

I give all credit to Maria's CUJO and LEAFS Page!! for the following quotes.

"All you have to do is watch Darcy Tucker for 15 mins and your've got an entire story. You could write a book on that." --Glen Healy

"Glen Healy figures I'll drive myself crazy by the end of my career with all the superstitions that I got." --Darcy Tucker

"Yeah, coffee/coke...that'll settle you down!" --Glen Healy (making fun of Tucker's superstition of drinking a mixture of coffee and coke before the game)

"Shut up pigeon! I'm trying to concentrate!" --Gary Roberts to Tucker

"I want to be a Maple Leaf for a long time, hopefully for the rest of my career." --Darcy Tucker

"I have a lot of superstitions, probably too many to mention. I do things before a game that many people would think were crazy. I knock on wood a lot when I have bad thoughts. I use an aluminum stick but the blade is made of wood so when I sit on the bench, it's always turned up and if I have a bad thought, I knock on the wood ends of my shaft." --Darcy Tucker

"She hit me so hard I thought I was going to land in BC" --Darcy Tucker talking about his mother after he did a bit of choice-wording while playing hockey with is bro in his backyard rink.

"Brodeur hit me with the butt-end of his stick in my back, If he's gonna do that, then I'll just have to run him over the next game." --Darcy Tucker

"They hated me over there. They would lean over the glass and call me Alice. They thought my name was a girl's name." --Darcy Tucker

"I'm on the 3rd line. I'm a crasher. I know my role. I'm just trying to help. I'm not stupid enough to think I'm great out there." --Darcy Tucker

"Sometimes, when we get going back and forth, he tells me I need a whole lot of shut-up." --Tucker about his arguments with Markov

These are from NHL-In The Slot

"Darcy has a lot of qualities. The one that really sticks out for me is that he is a small guy and has probably been told many times through the years that he would never play in the NHL and he's proved a lot of people wrong. He's a motivated guy, a very determined guy and he has a big heart. He's a true competitor. He's got pretty good skill, too. He checks well, he anticipates well. He's got good offensive skills and at this point, he's got 16 points through 21 games so he can put some numbers up too."--Curtis Jospeh

"You have to respect his offensive ability. You don't score those kind of numbers in juniors unless you have a high skill level. He's adapted his game in the NHL to the grinder style and as an agitator. But when he comes down on a one-on-one or a breakaway, he has the ability to score."," --Boston Bruins goalie Byron Dafoe.

"He's definitely an agitator. That could be his middle name. He comes to play 100 percent every night. From a goaltender's perspective, he's not afraid to get in front of the net and create havoc. He's a player who knows his job and does it very well."--Byron Dafoe.

"A lot of offense comes from being in proper position defensively to check well and counter the play. He's the type of player who knows how to get the puck to the net and when to get it there and he knows how to go to the net himself."--Curtis Joseph

"In the Ottawa series, we thought we had to be gritty to beat them. We had to win battles in the corners and along the boards. Darcy's line was very instrumental in doing that and giving our team a spark. Any time Darcy gets a big hit, it tees off the other team. If it gets them a little less focused than they should be, it works for us."--Curtis Joseph

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